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Our golf course management application and point of sale system’s intuitive user interface makes it ridiculously quick to master. You could possibly even locate yourself essentially enjoying it.

Obtaining a tee sheet integrated into the POS permits you to get rid of tee time SKUs, which means that you can finally report extra accurately against tee occasions, in order that you can do clever things like show what system individuals usually use when generating a payment, what merchandise and solutions they obtain, if they are inclined to grab a cart, variety balls, and/or rentals after they come in, and you can see it all from one basic UI.

The tech globe is moving towards the cloud, and it’s time for the golf business to catch up. Teesnap enables you to communicate and do business on any device: desktop, tablet, or cell phone. On major of which you can now remove the "black box" that used to sit within the back taking up space and heating up the room.

In truth you could throw away any of the old and outdated IT for the reason that all the things you could ever will need is all compacted onto the iPad.

Teesnap is built for speed and ease of use. Having a native tablet app and always-on cellular information, your individuals are no longer tethered to a counter. Everybody now has access to the pulse of one's course. If you have any concerns regarding in which and how to use golf web based pos, you can call us at our own web-page. Updates are pushed regularly and automatically, no IT employees needed. And if that isn’t tempting sufficient, there is zero expense to you for any hardware or information. Ever.

Teesnap offers you the power to set up a self-directed sales portal for the channel partners, providing them direct access to conveniently sell tee instances although allowing you complete control more than booking restrictions and companion rates. All of it very easily trackable within your reporting information.

Utilizing a cloud-based program enables us to push updates right onto your method as immediate as it is efficient. You'll in no way must worry about updating Teesnap mainly because the system takes care of it on its own.

Golfers enjoy getting the ability to book tee times on their phone. No need to invest all day on the telephone or mess using the hassles of contact centers and message solutions. And also you do not need to surrender useful tee instances each and every day just for the privilege.